Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video Break #3

Doing my part to push Jeff Stearns, the filmmaker and now a friend, to a million views, here is "Yellow Sticky Notes", one of the films that competed alongside "Zombie Gets A Date" at the Tribeca Film Festival 2008. All the animated shorts at Tribeca were so uncomparable to the rest of the films that a lot of people got to wondering whether the festival should create a separate animation category. This film is a prime example of how animation and live-action, while both telling the same stories, have trouble competing in the same categories because they tell them so differently.

Watch in higher definition at the Youtube Screening Room.

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Christopher Bligh said...

The number 3 is great because only 4 shorts at Tribeca made it to my 3 timers club (twice in library, once on the big screen and the max for yours truly) and Jeff's and yours were 2 of them. Great posting!