Monday, September 15, 2008

Festivals Galore

Oh 'tis the season! And by season I mean Halloween! "Zombie Gets A Date" has been gifted with nine more festival performances, check 'em out and maybe one is in your city!

Austin Film Festival*
Coney Island Film Festival
Screamfest LA*
International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival*
Williamstown Film Festival
B-Movie Film Festival
BoxUrShorts Film Fesvial
Olympia Film Festival

*will be in attendance

A triumphant return!


stephen said...

Hey congrats! Sadly I've got to miss austin for new hampshire. Otherwise I'd see you there.

Ian said...

Hey congrats. It looks like we both got into the Coney Island Film Festival. :) My short is called "Getting Out" by the way. Too bad we won't be crossing paths.

David August said...

You are a rock star, congrats!

Christopher Bligh said...

That is GREAT NEWS. I must know, who's cat is that at the bottom of the page and does it have a name?

Leetal said...

no one's cat, it's just a cat! It's all warm fuzzies!

Ian said...

Oh hey. I was at the Coney Island Film Festival this weekend and saw your film. I thought it was really funny. Check out my film "Getitng Out" when you get a chance. :)