Friday, November 14, 2008

2012 teaser

The 2012 teaser was internationally released today ahead of "Quantum of Solace", the myriad of posters for which I pass by every single day* (Sony owns the Bond license) ...

It was neat to see these few shots develop from basic blue blocks into what you see today, the inner workings of which are absolutely imperceptible to untrained eyes.

By the way, before the release of the trailer the top search for "2012" turned up Sarah Palin.

*No seriously there are three 007 posters in front of the elevators and 20 posters lining the Sony store and 3 giant towering billboards on the lot all advertising the same thing.

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Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

yeah the trailer looks good but I'm too afraid to watch it. I'm always paranoid/nervous about natural disasters.

last week, someone who studied Mayan culture actually told me that the Mayan prediction about 2012 isn't even accurate. The Mayans actually said that something MAJOR would happen in 2012, but not the end of the world.