Friday, April 3, 2009

Something to write about

I promise I am not a pessimist. I'm a realist. I didn't mean for this blog to get so snarky and sad, and all of us in LA are a wee bit pissier in the wintertime. I disappeared amidst the studio deadline for our movie and the production of my own little project (updates to come, after the polish that is Color Correction). I meant to triumphantly return to this blog with something a bit more upbeat, but then I came across this angsty piece from a Development Exec Blogger. Despite my vastly improved mood as spring blooms, what he (she?) has to say continues to ring true.

I’m pretty sure the term high concept was hatched years ago by studio execs that were completely stoned out of their head and didn’t have the attention span to read a whole paragraph, so they called their preference to only read one-liners the “high concept.” ... And that my friends, is how good weed and parents who would rather load their own kids up with drugs because they are too proud to call them dumb, have ruined the movie business. Thanks, Mom!

I still love high-concept, though. A high-concept movie with character, that's the one-two punch that puts me in a coma, my friends.

Speaking of high-concept:

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