Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I hope.

I have been gone forever. I deeply apologize. I basically gave my heart to Twitter (seriously, it's awesome). Also, since my last project wrapped up it has been vacation-time, personal project-time, and enjoy (not) unemployment-time for a while. There's not much to post on when life's problems get reduced to the Health Care debate and the four walls of my living room.

I hope to recharge into this blog by posting on Sundays a la the Hollywood Juicer. Hopefully that will work. I've never been that good a reporter, I got a C in Journalism class in college.


Ian said...

I've been browsing your blog every once and a while and I notice you haven't been updating like you used to. I thought something was wrong. lol. Anyway, glad to see you posted again and I look forward to Sunday postings. Sorry to hear about being unemployed. So many of my friends have been struggling now its ridiculous.

Michael Taylor said...

Welcome back, you've been missed. Glad to hear your absence was due to the usual cascading detritus of life -- all part of the cycle -- and not something negative.

Times are indeed tough. This, normally the "busy" time in Hollywood (thanks to TV), is anything but. I'm keeping fingers crossed that my crappy little cable-rate show will come back to shoot a few more episodes, but the longer the Powers That Be take to make up their minds (and open their wallets), the less our chances.

The free-lance Hollywood life has always been a chancy business, but I've never seen it this bad.